Painting – Figure

Finally got a chance to practice some painting again.



Painting – Figure / Back

I finally bought the oil paint and linseed oil to practice oil underpainting at home. It seems that I have managed to make the canvas that I bought once again have a strange ‘dark spot’. This time across the entire underpainting 😦 (the diagonal line is not meant to be there).

IMG_4239 (1).jpg

Painting – first face painting

Today I went to my second class. Our teacher says ‘do what you fear’ so I decided to do a face. It didn’t come out as good as the first class’ painting. I was trying to paint the face of a beautiful young woman that had a petit nose, instead I seem to have drawn a man with a rather large nose, but at least it looks like a face, so that’s something.

I have split the painting into pieces that look better by themselves and end the post with the final piece.

complete_painting (2).jpg


And the final big nosed result:


Painting – First oil painting

After a year of wanting to do some art classes, I finally got myself to one.  I attended one of the classes and had a great time. We start off with a single colour in order to focus on forming the painting. It turns out that oil is not as scary as I thought.

Here’s the result:


Unfortunately I ended up with some weird lines around the wood behind the canvas. Apparently caused by the combination of a bad canvas and me brushing in those areas too often. I guess it is something that would be covered by colour once colour is applied to the canvas.