The Quiet Observer

This is a small piece of writing that I guess I needed to do after finishing my thesis. It’s just something I had an urge to write, not sure why. I guess to let go of my thesis (or shall I say, the presence).

The quiet observer – by Kristina Georgieva

A soft breeze caressed Arithrea’s neck as she slept on a hammock on a quiet beach. The waves, acting as blankets on the rocks, tried to let her forget the dullness of everyday life.

Many people say that peace comes from within, but doesn’t our darkness share the same space?

As Arithrea woke up, she softly swung the hammock and took a deep breath. The ocean’s smell traveled through her lungs as she loosened her body. Something stopped her, like a concrete wall between her inner self and the freedom she desired. She could not let loose, she didn’t know how to.

There was a constant presence within her, drilling for attention, asking to be noticed. There was no freedom from it, only the illusion of one. It was always there, quietly observing, quietly drilling.

Arithrea began to explore the empty beach, encountering a sand castle. This castle, damaged by time and weathered by the wind, solicited her immediate attention. She began to fix the castle by first removing portions of the old sand. This satisfied the presence; her efforts fed its greed.

After some time repairing the castle a seagull flew above her, distracting her. She watched the seagull for what felt like hours, contemplating its freedom and the feeling of flight.

The castle was left to weather, grain by grain like an hourglass timing every second of her mind’s adventures. This was the hourglass of the presence, which tried to absorb her thoughts every minute her mind wondered.

Her alarm woke her up. It was 8:00 am and she was in her room. She shifted the blanket away from herself, slowly stepping out of bed. She made her way to her computer, swimming through research papers. And there it was, her castle, open in front of her eyes. Looking at her, laughing, knowing that the only way to slay the presence was to complete the castle.

Arithrea made a cup of tea and prepared to defeat her thesis.



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